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Nigerians Rush to Reserve NTEL Mobile Numbers | NTEL | VAS2Nets Technologies


Nigerians have responded enthusiastically to the number reservation campaign which was announced by Ntel, Nigeria’s advanced 4G/LTE network operator recently according to Leadership Newspaper

Under the terms of campaign, the first batch of subscribers (hundreds of thousands) to reserve their numbers on the network, and subsequently Sim-activate after launch, will be recognized as pioneers on Nigeria’s newest mobile network marking them out as among the first to reap the company’s promise of abundant broadband on it’s pure-play Advanced 4G/LTE network.

This was announced by,  Kamar Abass, CEO of Ntel, who had noted that “Ntel is a proudly Nigerian company that is fully committed to empowering Nigerians through a technologically advanced pure-play 4G/LTE network.

The number reservation campaign will run till 08/04/16

NATCOM Development and Investment Limited (trading as ‘Ntel’), the company that acquired the core assets of Nitel/MTel (in liquidation) made its first Voice over LTE call in Lagos yesterday and the company is happy about it.

The test VoLTE call was made at 3.30pm at Ntel’s new Tier III data centre located on Lagos Island.

VoLTE calls are enabled over a carrier’s high-speed data network instead of on a voice network.

Voice over LTE calls also connect faster upon dialing and feature ultra-clear high-definition voice quality.

The VoLTE call was completed in partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers L M Ericsson of Sweden and Sony Electronics of Japan.

This follows Ntel’s first data call on 18 January, 2016 and its first SIP voice call on 18 February, 2016.

Ntel will now progress work with Nigeria’s other mobile operators and international partners to perform cross-network VoLTE calls: This will ensure that Ntel’s customers can connect with each other as easily as they can to both customers in Nigeria and to those elsewhere in the world: a network now comprising more than seven billion telephones, globally.

The CEO also mentioned “the Ntel network is built on the 900/1800 MHz which are the most efficient propagation frequencies for the deployment of 4G/LTE technology.”


Culled from Nigeria communications weekly

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MTN finally acquires Visafone


On the 6th of January, 2016, MTN, Africa’s leading mobile phone operator, finally sealed the deal to acquire Visafone, the only surviving Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) operator in Nigeria, owned by the banking magnate, Mr. Jim Ovia.

The acquisition of Visafone, the only surviving CDMA operator in Nigeria, by MTN, a GSM operator, marks the final death of CDMA operations in Africa’s largest economy.

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The winning Team

The winning Team


Compliments of the Season.

We are happy to inform you that thanks to your patronage and patience we emerged the best mobile bulk messaging and Network Solutions Company for the year 2015.

The award was from the Institute for Government Research Leadership Technology, presented at the recently concluded awards ceremony held in Abuja.

And since we believe that to whom much is given much is equally expected, we therefore promise to keep up the good work.

We’ve decided to seize this opportunity to remind you of the bulk sms process especially as the Yuletide is here. Fortunately, a bulk sms executive has been assigned this role for effective crediting and problem escalation.

After making payment at the Ecobank (Account Name: VAS2Nets Technologies Limited

Account Number: 2812003603) for those paying through the bank, please remember to use your email address as depositors’ name, send an email to bulksms@vas2nets.com with your details and call 08141381020 for your account to be credited.

But for our customers who prefer to purchase directly on our platform the process still remains the same. Simply login to our platform, click on Payment and follow the procedure stated.

For further clarification please don’t hesitate to call our bulksms executive on 08141381020.


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Dear valued customer,


We wish to notify the general public that some unscrupulous individuals have been sending out blasts (as shown above) misinforming them that they should link their ATM cards with their respective BVN and are expected to call a certain number to do so.

Please this is neither from VAS2Nets nor NIBSS and you are strongly advised to ignore such text messages. For further clarification kindly contact your nearest bank branch.

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Last month we gave out tips on how to make your phone secure, this month let’s go further by advising on how to conserve your mobile data usage. We’ll be highlighting on 5 major tips.

Once you adhere to these simple tips you won’t have to wonder what consumes data on my phone.

  1. COMPRESS CHROME PAGES:If you use Google Chrome to surf the web often, you would discover that you can save one-third of your data consumption when you compress the pages. The data saver settings enable all web pages to be compressed before being loaded into your browser.

Although it’s also important to note that this setting has a little setback which is, it tends to slow down your surfing speed just a bit. To activate the data saver, simply launch the Chrome browser, go to the menu section where you have 3 dots and select settings, after which you now select Data saver.

  1. GET RID OF THE FACEBOOK APP:The Facebook app is one that is used by most android phone users and it is responsible for the loss of large volume of data asides the regular draining of battery. In order to conserve your data you can download Tinfoil for Facebook which is a web app that displays the Facebook website. After installing the app, check the box next to “open links inside the app”, this will make links being opened from the mobile app to open from within the app instead of the browser.
  1. RESTRICT BACKGROUND DATA:Background data include weather widgets, updating of feeds, etc. It would interest you to know that they use your data even if you are not actually using them, so it’s advisable to disable them.

Please follow this procedure: Settings > Data Usage > Restrict Back ground data. Then if you want to adjust the settings for a particular app, go to Settings > Apps.

To change sync settings for Google services, go to Settings > Accounts > Google > select the account. When this is done, uncheck the services you don’t want to sync automatically. Note that these depend on the particular android version being used.

  1.    DISABLE AUTO-UPDATING APPS:It is advisable to disable auto-updating apps. To do this, Go to the Play Store and tap the navigation section on the left and you’ll see settings, Open the settings and ensure that it is set to either “’Do Not Auto-Update Apps” or “only over Wi-Fi.”

But for individual apps settings, go to My Apps > choose the app you want to disable > un-check Auto-Update.

  1. SAVE RATHER THAN STREAM:Another important way to conserve data is to always download music or video files into your device rather than streaming them from sites like YouTube. After this you save the music or Video and can now listen or watch offline.


Culled from cnet




Today we’ll be taking a look at how to keep our Smartphones secured and ensure privacy too.

We’ll be giving out 10 tips on how you can do so.

But to be quite sincere, there is no such thing as 100 percent privacy while using a smartphone. But, if you remember certain important tips and tricks, and follow them accordingly, the chances are that at least 75 percent or may be more can be achieved.

They are as follows:


  1. SECURITY PIN/PASSWORD/PATTERN LOCK: This is one of the most primary steps to ensure your smartphone is locked from anyone but you at all times. However, as basic as it may seem, most people are too lazy to set it up. Setting up a screen lock is very important. Ensure you pin/password is not something simple e.g. 1234, which people can crack at first try. At the same time, don’t make it so confusing that even you don’t remember it. It’s also ideal to select a combination of numbers and alphabets. You could also set your screen to lock between 1-5 minutes of being idle.


  1. TRACKING/WIPING SERVICE: Smartphones now have a free tracking/wiping service. This is a kind of remote tracking and wiping tool. Android phones have what is called a Device Manager; while iPhones come with find my iPhone, etc. These tools come in handy when your phone is lost or stolen. You can use these tools to remotely lock, track, and even wipe your phone data using a computer with internet access. But the trick here is to have these tools up and running on your Smartphones at all times.


  1. LOCK APP: Download some kind of file lock app, because there has to be something on your Smartphone e.g. a chat, a picture or anything that you wouldn’t want prying eyes to see. Furthermore there may be some apps that you don’t want others using your phone to access. There are many good ones you can download from app stores download and install them, then password-protect the data you wish to hide.


  1. SET UP A GUEST MODE/PARENTAL LOCK: Android 5.0 Lollipop and iOS 8 from Google and Apple respectively come with something called Guest Mode. Basically, the trick is to restrict access to the content on your Android/iOS smartphone when you’re giving it to somebody. Using the Guest Mode, you can create a separate user profile on your smartphone and assign it with the apps and content that you deem fit to be accessed by someone else. Once you have this profile up and running, the next time you handover your phone to someone you simply have to enable Guest Mode and he/she will gain access to this profile, hiding all the other stuff. The normal profile will be password protected and cannot be accessed until it is typed in correctly.


  1. REGULARLY UPDATING YOUR SMARTPHONE: Software developers release periodic updates to their software, improving upon an already existing version. These improvements include security and stability updates as well. Therefore, as and when updates (no matter how big or small) come up for your OS, make sure you update it, and have the latest version running on your smartphone at all times. It’s more important from a security point of view, since these updates may have some fix for some security issue that might be plaguing an earlier version. Also, software developers tend to push out fixes to security bugs (as and when something is detected) therefore it is highly advisable to update your phones periodically.


  1. BEWARE OF INSTALLING APPS FROM UNTRUSTED SOURCES: Android smartphones have something called an Unknown Sources option in security settings. Checking it allows you to install third-party apps from sources other than Google’s official Play Store. You don’t have such an option in the iPhone, and you need to jailbreak it if you want to install third-party apps. Ideally, you must not do either of these. Always install apps from trusted sources, meaning the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store. Apps there meet the desired standards of official safety and security.


  1. KEEP YOUR LOCATION SETTINGS IN CHECK: Every smartphone now comes with a built-in GPS or location tracking feature. Essentially, these keep your apps and services like Google Maps and other live and active at all times. While, it may seem convenient to have your location settings open for such apps, even others like Facebook, Twitter, etc., there may come a time when you don’t want others to know where you are. But more than anything, you wouldn’t want your apps to know where you are, at all times. It is possible to individually allow/deny apps to ascertain your location. You can control your location settings, even shut it off completely.


  1. PUBLIC WI-FI IS DANGEROUS, AVOID IT: Public Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi you get at places like some restaurant, coffee shop, etc is the breeding ground for some of the most dangerous cyber-attacks. Miscreants who have good technical know-how tend to use these networks to push ‘man in the middle’ attacks. Basically, using some cyber sorcery, hackers can gain access to your smartphone (when you’re connected to the public Wi-Fi network) and can do a lot of many dangerous things, ranging from gaining your online passwords, to getting access to your confidential bank records. While you must refrain from using the smartphone for sensitive dealings, the truth is we are doing it a lot these days. Therefore, the one way to ensure your security is to avoid public Wi-Fi networks.


  1. TURN OFF WI-FI/BLUETOOTH WHEN NOT IN USE: Many people have their Wi-Fi on at most times. So that when some Wi-Fi networks open, they like to have it up and running on their smartphone to save their data charges. It’s not safe to do this. Also, having your Bluetooth on when you don’t need it is also calling for trouble. Hackers may use an available connection on your phone to access your files. Therefore, have these on only when you need to.


  1. BACK UP YOUR DATA: This is more of a precautionary step in the event your smartphone gets lost or stolen. Have a backup of all your data/contacts/documents etc ready at all times. Ideally, you should have it in some physical drive, but saving it up in the cloud is also a handy option.



Culled from Tech news



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VAS2Nets at 2015 GSMA Mobile 360 series Africa:

From left; Sonal Shah, Executive Director, Beek Centre for Social Impact and Innovation, Ayo Stuffman, Chief Executive Officer, Vas2Nets and Algy Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Every Mobile Limited after a panel discussion on Power to innovate: Growing start-up ecosystem and cultivating entrepreneurship at the just concluded 2015 GSMA Mobile 360 Africa series held in Cape town, south Africa. Photo by Emeka Aginam.

From left; Sonal Shah, Executive Director, Beek Centre for Social Impact and Innovation, Ayo Stuffman, Chief Executive Officer, Vas2Nets and Algy Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Every Mobile Limited after a panel discussion on Power to innovate: Growing start-up ecosystem and cultivating entrepreneurship at the just concluded 2015 GSMA Mobile 360 Africa series held in Cape town, south Africa. Photo by Emeka Aginam.



The GSMA represents interest of mobile operators and related companies around the world. The group is devoted to supporting the standardizing, deployment and promotion of the GSM mobile telephone system

Just last week at the just concluded GSMA Mobile 360 Series African conference, GSMA  had reported in its latest study that the mobile industry in the region has contributed over $100 billion to the region’s economy in 2014.

The figure is an indication that the African region is heading towards the right direction, especially with the current mobile for development strategic focus of the GSMA and its partners.

Alex Sinclair, Acting Director General and Chief Executive Officer, GSMA told the gathering that Africa has the capacity to achieve digital, financial and social inclusion if all stakeholders including government worked together.

Several issues were discussed e.g.

Connectivity: GSMA Mobile for Development support emerging market operators address barriers to network coverage, affordability, locally relevant content and digital skills to help link the next two billion to the mobile internet.

Digital identity: With the porous security situation in most African countries, she assured that the umbrella body for mobile operators will work with operators, governments and humanitarian organizations to leverage mobile to identify citizens without identity.

In doing so, she said that issues around identity theft, advanced fee fraud, cyber-crime would be solved to the barest minimum.

Mobile Money: The Mobile Money programme works with mobile operators and the financial industry to accelerate the availability of affordable financial services that provide safety, security and convenience to the unbanked. Chidi Okpala, Director and Head, Airtel Money – Africa, said that regulatory framework was limiting mobile money take off in Nigeria. According to him, mobile operators should be allowed to play leading role in mobile money business in Nigeria just like some countries in Africa.

Connected women: Even when women own mobile phones, there was a significant gender gap in mobile phone usage preventing them from reaping the full benefits of mobile phone ownership.

Push for $20 3G enabled smartphone: To achieve more mobile connectivity in the sub-Saharan Africa, two giant service providers, MTN and Etisalat have said that cost of 3G enabled smart phones was still a key barrier to connectivity.

The Executive Director, Group President and Chief Executive Officer of the MTN Group, Sifisco Dabengwa told the gathering that there was need to still bring down the retail price of cheapest devices from  fifty dollars to twenty dollars to achieve connectivity.

Also speaking, the Deputy Chairman, GSMA, Group Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Group, Ahmed Abdulkarim Julfar also said that cost of smart phones must be reduced for digital inclusion.

“There is need for the vendors to bring down cost of 3G enabled devices in the region. Device price is a challenge in the region. There is also need for infrastructure sharing, government support and alternative technologies in the region to drive connectivity” he said.


Culled from Vanguard

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Mobile for development (M4D) products and services use the mobile channel to deliver socio-economic benefits to underserved consumers in a sustainable way.

The difficulties in obtaining the right contact and the length of time it takes to engage and agree terms of partnership with an MNO are also common complaints.

In the mobile industry, VAS are services offered in addition to MNOs’ core services of voice, SMS and data. M4D services often complement basic connectivity through offering access to other services (e.g. utilities) or information (e.g. in health, education) and are made available in addition to mobile network operators’ core services. As such, M4D services are generally considered mobile VAS by the mobile industry.

MNOs have three options when developing VAS:

  • Build their own
  • Work with VAS vendors or partners to deliver services
  • Open up their APIs to developers directly


The second approach, i.e. working with a VAS vendor, is the dominant model, with the large majority of MNOs surveyed working with VAS vendors on a substantial proportion of their VAS. Moreover, two thirds of operators reported that a quarter or more of their VAS were the result of external pitches (see Appendix 1 for more detail). This shows how important VAS vendors are in supporting MNOs not only in the implementation of their VAS, but also in pitching the ideas for services that are eventually launched.

Stronger collaboration and partnerships between these entities will increase the efficacy and availability of M4D services overall and all M4D stakeholders will have the chance to realize the huge social and commercial potential that M4D presents. This report outlines how leveraging the expertise and services which mobile VAS vendors offer to the mobile ecosystem can help overcome some of the barriers MNOs and social sector partners face in working together.


Culled from m4dimpact

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VAS2Nets becomes aggregator for NIBSS on BVN enrolment

V2N  Logo

Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) has announced a partnership with GSM telecommunication providers to enhance enrolment and notification of Biometric Verification Numbers (BVN). This was made possible by VAS2Nets Technologies Limited who is the aggregator for this service.

The announcement was made at a press conference in Lagos by the Managing Director/Chief Executive, NIBSS, Mr. Ade Shonubi.

He said that the partnership is about working with the telecommunications firms, to ensure that bank customers get the BVN. He mentioned that for now only Etisalat and Airtel have indicated interest in the partnership, adding that NIBSS is however hopeful that MTN and Globacom will soon be part of it.

This partnership allows bank customers that have enrolled for the BVN to use their telephone number to request for their BVN from NIBSS by dialing the short code *565*0# on any of the GSM telecommunications network at the cost of N10 only. But only telephone numbers submitted by the bank customers to their banks while registering for the BVN can be used to access this service. Once the customer dials the code, he would receive an SMS containing his BVN. While those who are yet to receive their BVN, they would receive an SMS which will indicate that their BVN is not yet available and a telephone number to make complaints or enquiries.

The service is now live on Etisalat network while it would go live on Airtel by Wednesday.


Culled from Vanguard

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